Fourth QB50 Workhsop

28 August - 14 September, 2012

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Rhode-St-Genèse, Belgium

VKI will organise the 4th QB50 Workshop between 28 August-14 September 2012. The CubeSat teams that have submitted proposals to the QB50 Project are invited for ~2 hours face-to-face meetings in these dates. Besides face-to-face meetings, there will be networking events such as coffee breaks, lunches and receptions. Major CubeSat companies will have exhibition stands.

No registration fee will be asked for lunches, receptions and coffee breaks.

A typical agenda for a face-to-face meeting will have the following items:

1.  Welcome (R. Reinhard)

2.  Self introduction of participants

3.  QB50 status and schedule (R. Reinhard)

4.  Proposal clarification and evaluation
- Technical requirements and performance
- Team and facilities
- Educational and/or innovative impact
- Planning

5.  Science sensors, payload Interface Control Document (D. Kataria)

6.  Deployment System (C. Bernal)

7.  System Requirements Document (C. Leff)

8.  Contractual Agreement between the participating university and VKI (C.O. Asma)

9.  Prospects for funding of the CubeSat (CubeSat team)

10.  Summary of action items